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And our Tammany Society (written in 2004)

    If you saw the movie "Gangs of New York", you could notice a politician performing very well between rich and poor people. That was Mr. William M. Tweed - the boss of Tammany Hall: a powerful society that controlled New York's politics for almost two centuries. Founded in 1786, this macabre organization grew so much in strength and nothing could be decided without its meddlesome tap.
    Such bad behavior happened in the most predictable affluent nation and even figures like Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt had their names pegged with it.
    But its pernicious reputation gained ground only after the half of the 20th century. Before that the massive propaganda, which had a tiger as mascot, hid all of its shadowy side. Tammany looked after the immigrant population providing them with everything they needed in change of their filled ballot papers. Therefore many new Americans became so devoted to Tammany Hall they shut their eyes to the dominant bribe and corruption occurring inside of it.

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    America and New York survived this malignancy and today the name Tammany is a synonym of wrongdoing.
    We in Brazil still have our own Tammany society that is more diffuse than America's one; hence more difficult to rid of. It is incorporated in such a manner within the government that we hardly dissociate each other. Companies become strong doing things to the state apparetuses and each and every those have an intricate web-lobby machine working for them.
    Similar practices - you ought to say - would be a normal proceeding everywhere. But in Brazil it was made a rule and is nearly impossible to find one great corporation running on without the government's blessing.
    That kind of misconduct bred barons like rabbits in our country. A too proud plutocracy who is unable to realize themselves as the principal problem of Brazil: thus we have the cement baron, the bank barons, the media barons and et cetera.
    For a supposed capitalistic nation there are almost no competition among them and the state works as cushioning their conflicts. A good example would be: why big industries do not fight with bankers about the high interest rates?
    The answer is quite obvious: they do not have high interest rates, because they have the Brazilian Social Development Bank providing funds at lower rates to them. Moreover, for an export economy they are overlooking the domestic market such that the development minister is a big exporter of roosters.
    At these times Brazil's economy is being captive of external interests, which oblige us to sell off commodities to pay out high interest of our debts. The oligarchy pretends not to see that because they have fear of any increase of entropy, which could risk their status quo; thus they would prefer a backward country with them in charge of it.
    One significant showing on how they act could be seen at the dinner that took place in São Paulo city before the last presidential election, where Lula have to assure do not menace their main interests to take office. Such collusion gave us the current names that control our economy and they work as a guarantee for one government elected to change but that cannot provoke their patrons.
    That cowardly elite pursues only the money footprints; nationalism would be nonsense for them. If you ask who of them had served the army, they should respond proudly: they were studying at the time - as to show off that it is a poor people's job.
    Consequently, they move over any kind of ideology; standing up for it if this could mean their perpetuation in power. But their loyalty goes only to a limit, whether confronted by a stronger force or a better profitable opportunity; they change the color of their economic standard and follow it around.
    What annoys me more is their narrow-minded short view, which makes they think for a quick result than a better qualitative one. After all, to be rich in a developed country means to be richer, or may be they enjoy being the kings of shit.
    Patriotism is a lacklustre currency at this time of "globalization" and defend it comes to be a silly attitude. But I cannot see another alternative than changing the elite's mood for we have an improvement on our country. Opinions' makers are fundamental to guide the vast majority of the population, however seems to exist only one way of thinking and it passes far away of confronting the dominant economic policy that is making Brazil to fall behind.
    To confront that, means to go against the IMF, the J. P. Morgan and its "Brazil's risky", the Bank of Boston and its representative, the G7 that this moment is pressing Argentina and other such powers. This would turn out to be enormous confusion and no one seems to endorse it, thinking we can get out slowly of this situation by abasing completely to the recipe imposed to us.
    So that were going twelve years or more and we are becoming each time more poor. Our upper class knows that something is wrong but avoids even to talk about our principal illness, which is the money carried out of our boundaries, by fear or by complicity. Three last presidents talk openly they do not understand macroeconomic policy and let it to their subordinates, who are coincidentally come from our creditors' financial institutions.
    Nestor Kirchner in Argentina is making now just the opposite and named an unknown of the "financial market" to Argentina Central Bank's governor and is in charge of any negotiation about the country's debts. Wall Street was drived crazy about such petulance and there is one intense campaign against Argentina in everyplace.
    But the Argentina's president is obtained better conditions for his country's debts than us and the opportunity is unique. America is deeply involved in Iraq's quagmire to risk another flank and president Kirchner saw what our elite and our government is farther to see the opportunity to play hardball.


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